TEZZ is a broad spectrum contact and stomach insecticide used to control lepidopteran pests in various crops and is active at low dose rates. The product is safe for beneficial insects in cotton and cabbage.




Key Target

Lepidopteran Pests

Crop Covered

Cabbage, Chilli, Cotton, Pigeon Pea, Tomato.


Indoxacard 14.5% SC


200-500 ML Per Hectare

Available Pack Sizes

100ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1Litre
How to Use?
Crop(s) Common name of Pest Dosage/ha waiting period betweenlast spray to harvest ( in days)
a.i.(g) Formulation(g) Dilution in water in water (ltr)
Cotton Bollworm 75 500.0 600-1000 16
Cabbage Diamond back moth 30-40 200-266 400-750 07
Chilli Fruit borer 50-60 333-400 300-600 05
Tomato Fruit border 60-75 400-500 300-600 05
Pigeon pea Pod borer complex 50-60 353-400 500-1000 15

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