Gentle (Chlorpyriphos 20% EC)

GENTLE is an organophosphorous insecticide effective against a broad range of insects by contact, inges on and vapour action. It hal little systemic activity, and is non-phytotoxic when applied at recommended doseges on recommended crops.
GENTLE persists in soil for tow to four months, and is compatible with most insecticide fungicides and acaricides.

Packing :
500ml, 1liter

Recommendation for Use:

PaddyLeaf roller1875750
PaddyGall midge, Stem borer Whori maggot1250500
BeansPod borer, Black bug30001200
CottonAphid, Bollworm, White fly1250500
CottonCut worm37501500
GroundnutRoot grub1125450
BrinjalShoot & Fruit borer1000400
TobaccoGround Beetle1750700
CabbageDiamond back moth2000800
OnionRoot grub50002000
BerLeaf hopper2250-3000900-1200
CitrusBlack citrus, Aphid1500-2000600-800
WheatTermite control (Soil treament)2000-3000800-1200
BarleyGround Beetle4-6ml/kg seed4-6ml/kg seed
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