Zoombar (2,4 - D Amine salt 58% S.L.)

ZOOMBAR are the selective systemic weedicides of Phenoxyacetic group.
ZOOMBAR apart from effectively controlling broad lead weeds, these also control the cyperus sp.
ZOOMBAR is absorbed by the leaves and roots and translocated in to the weed plants.
ZOOMBAR is on adverse effect on crop with recommended dose

Packing :
500ml, 1liter, 5 liter

Recommendation for Use:

MaizeTrianthema monogyna, Amaranthus sp., Tribulus terristeris, Boerhaavia diffusa , Euphorbia hirta, Portulaca oleracea, Cyperus sp.0.50.86400-50050-60
WheatChenopodium album , Fumaria parviflora , Melillotus alba , Vicia sative , Asphodelus tenuifolius , Convolvulus arvensi;s .0.5-0.750.86-1.29500-600-
SorghumCyperus iria, Digera arvensis, Convolvulus arvensis, Trianthema sp.,Tridax procumbens,Euphorbia hirta, Phyllanthus niruri.1.83.1500-600-
PotatoChenopodium album, Asphodelus tenuifolius , Anagalis arvensis, Convolvulus arvensis,Cyperus iria , Portulaca oleracea.2.03.44400-
SugarcaneCyperus iria Digitaria sp. Dactylactenium aegyp um Digera arvensis Portulaca oleracea Commelina benghalensis Convolvulus arvensis3.56.3500-
Aquatic Weeds Non crop areaEichhornia crassipes.0.5-1.00.86-1.72600-70015-20
Aquatic Weeds Non crop areaParthenium hysterophorus2.654.56300-40015-20
Aquatic Weeds Non crop areaCyperus rotundus2.54.30300-400-
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