EREZ (Oxyflourfen 23.5% EC)

EREZ is a selective contact herbicide.
EREZ controls a wide spectrum of annual broad- leaved and grass weeds.
EREZ can be used as pre-plant incorporation, pre-emergence and post-emergence application.
EREZ has prolonged residual activity and shows negligible leaching.
Minimal rain ot irrgation is necessary to activate the residual effect.
Oxyflourfen 23.5% EC w/w [22.8% EC w/v] is a selective herbicide containing oxyflourfen active ingredient 23.5% E.C.
It has a residual activity and controls important weeds in crops like Rice, Tea, Potato, Onion, Groundnut and Mentha

Packing :
100ml, 250ml

Recommendation for Use:

CropWeedsDosage/haDilution in Water(Litre)PHI(days)
AI (gm)Formulation(ml)
Rice (direct sown) as pre-emergenceEchinochloa spp. Cyperus iria, Eclipta alba150-240650-1000500-
TeaDigitaria, Imperata, Paspalum Borreria hispida150-250650-1000500-75015
OnionChenopodium album, Amaranthus viridis100-200425-850500-750-
PotatoChenopodium, Coronopus, Trianthema, Cyprus, Haliotropium100-200425-850500-750-
GroundnutEchinochloa colonum, Digitaria marginata100-200425-850500-750-
MenthaEchinochloa colona, Cyperus spp., Solanum nigrum, Amaranthus spp., Sphenochlea sp., Anagallis arvensis, Chenopodium album, Commelina benghalensis, Digitaria sanguinalis, Eclipta alba, Euphorbia spp., Ludwigia parviflora, Portulaca spp.206904.350010


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